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 ====== Freecad information ====== ====== Freecad information ======
-  * Showing grid: use following key combinations: g-r((  * Showing grid (in draft workbench): use following key combinations: g-r((
   * translation + rotation -> placement. See a wonderful article here:   * translation + rotation -> placement. See a wonderful article here:
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   * Fasteners [[]] and [[]]   * Fasteners [[]] and [[]]
   * Sheet metal [[]]   * Sheet metal [[]]
 +  * Macro Align View to Face [[]]
 +==== ShapeBinder object ====
 +FreeCAD 0.18.4
 +If there are multiple bodies in a project and you want in a sketch to 'Create an edge linked to an external geometry', you will notice that it is not possible to create this edge from another body.
 +FreeCAD offers a solution for this, called a ShapeBinder. A ShapeBinder is an object which is referencing to a face from another body.
 +To use it do the following. Select the Part Design toolbar:
 +  - Create a body with a sketch with a rectangle with some holes in it. When finished, close the sketch and pad the body to 10mm.
 +  - Create another body and optionally give it a sensible name.
 +  - Create a new sketch in the body added in step 2 and notice that it is not possible to create an edge linked to the body from step 1.
 +  - If not done, close the sketch tool and make sure the body from step 2 is selected (Body shows as bold text)
 +  - Click on create a new ShapeBinder
 +  - Click on Add Geometry and select the face of the Body from which you need one or more edges. When done click on OK
 +  - **Before selecting edges from the ShapeBinder object, make sure now to hide the body from step 1. This is very important!**
 +  - The ShapeBinder object should be visible now. If not done in step 3, create a sketch in the body in which the ShapeBinder object is.
 +  - You now will be able to use the 'Create an edge linked to an external geometry' tool and click within the ShapeBinder object to select points.
 +Further information:
 +  * [[]]
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