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This page is a placeholder with workflows, tips and tricks for KiCad.

  • Drag a group of components Describes how to drag a group of wires and components and keep the wires connected. There are two methods:
    • method 1
      1. select with the left mouse button a region
      2. Move accordingly
      3. Press TAB key to reconnect wires
    • method 2
      1. select with the left mouse button a region
      2. Right click and select Drag Block (Note that TAB key is the shortcut for this feature)

Kicad tips and tricks

Keyboard shortcuts

  • v: via (For GND start on GND fill; on right position and click on “v”)
  • f: flip component

Special Files

  • rescue.lib
  • cache.lib

Components through pcb

Sometimes a mix of components, like switches, buttons and lights, do not fit together very practical on a circuit board. Reasons may be, that their tops do not match equally. A solution for this problem can be to mount the high components not on the board itself but 'stick' these through the circuit board and then connect it electrically with nearby pads. The preferable solution for this would be creating a components with a footprint containing the cut-out. Since I have not found something like this, the workaround for this is likely to create pads on the board and add manually a 'internal cutout' for each components. More information on this can be seen here:

Practically for this, do the following

  • Todo…
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